I experienced a new low last year but ended off on a high note because Marc and I got engaged last December in Tokyo. I am still gleaming on the inside!

We are currently so busy with writing new music, work and wedding preparations!


We have already booked our wedding venue earlier this year and our wedding date. I have gone to try some dresses too. Marc have not seen any of these photos of me in a wedding dress, so please don’t show him if you’re reading this!

Marc doesn’t want to see me in any wedding dress because he wants to be surprised when I walk down the aisle. Haha.

We haven’t really done much else.

Progress at the moment:

Venue – Booked ✓

Make Up Artist – Booked ✓

Wedding Dress – Finalising

Bridesmaids Dress – Will definitely be from TheVelvetDolls!

Wedding Band – Not Yet

Flowers/Deco – Not Yet

Facial/Aesthetics Package – Yes! I’ve recently just started and will share it with here for other BTBs soon! ✓

WHAT ELSE DO IT NEED. Please comment below and help this bride to-be! Hahaha



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