Recently, the team from Glam Palm sent me a straightener from Glam Palm!

I would never leave the house without styling my hair. On days when my hair decides to not cooperate with me, I’ll just style it with my straightener and put it up in a ponytail.
I have a 2″ straightener (from another brand) which I use daily. Basically just to smoothen out my hair. The thicker plate makes it faster to straighten out my thick hair.
This however this 1″ plate straightener (GP201) from Glampalm is more versatile when it comes to styling. Chester from the salon that I go to taught me how to do C-curls and it’s easily achievable using this! Plus it has adjustable heat setting for easier control.
Comes in a very chic clutch! Great for travelling!
Love this clips cause it doesn’t cause a dent in your hair.
The styler itself.
One of the great part about this styler is that, you don’t have to use any heating/protectant spray as the heat is adjustable and the plates actually smoothens out the hair itself.
I do use a magic mix still. Haha. Just a tip, spray Mac Fix + on your damp and wet hair. Blow it dry and use this straightener. You hair will feel great! Soft and bouncy 😉
To get C-Curls, hold your hair and style the ends of your hair.
Straighten and gradually curl it inwards, towards your face.
I like doing C-curls because it gives volume to her hair. Especially if your hair is straight and broom-like!
After that, you can leave your straightener at home, put your stuff in the clutch and head on out 😉
You can head on to Official Glam Palm Singapore and check out their range of stylers! 🙂

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