I hope I didn’t take too long. I’ve been back from Europe for almost 2 weeks now. It was my first time and it was great great great first time! Haha.
But how’s the post-holiday withdrawal syndrome? BAD BAD BAD.
Here’s a little summary of the initial itinerary;
Arrive in Paris, train down to London
6 days in London followed by
3 days in Manchester and
3 days in Paris
But unfortunately, after the last day in London as initially planned, we found out that Manchester was experiencing some heavy floods. We cancelled Manchester and stayed in London.
BUT Marc went down to Manchester nonetheless, on his own, to catch the Man U Chelsea game because he got the ticket. So glad he enjoyed himself!!! 
So..extra days in London. Yay I wasn’t complaining at all! I LOVE LONDON.
When we arrived in London, we settled at the Premier Inn, St Pancras. Pretty near the St Pancras Station and Kings Cross Station. It was walking distance to the Euston Station. There we were, all nine and a half of us (Half is Kayden) lugging out luggage from St Pancras station to our hotel.
I must say, I enjoyed my stay at Premier Inn, St Pancras a lot! Marc would agree too. The staffs who attended to us or talked to us were all lovely and friendly. Service was amazing. The rooms were spacious and clean! It’s pretty safe too. Plus the location is really really good. If you’re planning a London trip, check out
88 Euston Road, London
The weather in London was a little gloomy. You’ll see the sun come up at around 8AM or so, but it’s still dark and the sun sets at about 4.30PM? My family and I were so confused. All of us felt tired and sleepy by 5PM because it’s so dark outside. So I didn’t really take a lot of photos of the places we visited because I was either 1) Enjoying myself too much 2) It was dark.

We did visit a few nice places in London. I didn’t manage to see the Big Ben or the Eye of London. My siblings did though. They cycled all the way there using the public bicycles. I was more interested in the markets and streets.


We drove up to Bricklane on the first day we had the car. There were many vintage stuff and antiquities but we didn’t managed to go to the shops because after our late lunch, most of the shops were closed! That’s around 4.30PM or so. We had Indian cuisine. They had a whole bunch of shops where you can get Indian Cuisine along the road.

Before setting out to Bricklane!



At Bricklane!



The lovely folks at Brick Lane. (Marc, Syikin, Kayden, Brother, Mom, Haikel, sis, Khai and Dad)

We also took a drive up to Stonehenge! 2.5hrs of driving. Buttcramps assured. Really quite fun though. You get to see the scenery along the way. Stonehenge was really really cold. I had to layer quite a bit but it was still so cold that I had a migraine and started to be a little moody. HAHA.
Marc was super excited bout Stonehenge. The history behind it and everything.






Then after drove to Trafalgar Square. Didn’t really do much. It was too long a drive and we were tired and hungry. So we parked and went for early dinner. Walked past a busker! Amazeballs. Marc and I got excited. First busker we saw so far.
Izzy Thomas!
Terrible photos! HAHAHAHAHA What was I thinking. Omg.
After dinner we returned to the car and had some issue. We were stuck for almost 45mins! So we took a lot of photos in the carpark. HAHA
Shall continue this post in Part 2: London + Paris!

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