I was invited for hearty dinner at Savis Food about a week ago with lovely company – Marc, Poh Yee , Chanel, Edwin and Emily! It was the first time meeting Emily and Edwin. They were so friendly and funny! We dined, talked and laughed.
Just look at the photos! I’m drooling again. We had their Tom Yam Creamy Pasta, Pesto Creamy Pasta with smoked duck, Aglio Olio, Chicken Chop, Truffle Fries, Pesto Pasta with Salmon, Fried Oysters, Spicy Honey Wings and Salad with ingredients that we picked!










My personal favourite would be the Aglio Olio but I loved the Pesto Creamy Pasta with smoked duck. It was different and interesting. I don’t really enjoy eating duck BUT I must say, the smoked duck was yummmmmmmmy. Marc enjoyed the chicken chop and fried oysters but I don’t eat oysters heheh. Ate until shiok. By the end of the dinner, we were all super nua and had a hard time getting up.
BUT are you in disbelief yet? Haha. Yes, it’s located amongst the many stalls at Sengkang Square’s KOPITIAM. So if you’re around the area or not, I think they are worth checking out! Everyone loves a good and affordable western stall right?!
Here’s their Facebook link:
Savis Food @ 10 Sengkang Square, Kopitiam Square Unit #01-12
If you’re looking to order food for maybe an event or something along the line, you can also contact them and enquire! Thank you Savis Food for having us x

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