Am I blonde yet? HAHA.
Recently up on my Instagram or even twitter, I’ve been posting photos of my hair and I think my friends and family got pretty shocked that I changed my hair color to something to bright. Before I left the house for the salon, my mom said “Ask your stylist to dye your hair black. I prefer it that way.”
But no mother. HAHAHA. I came home and my mom’s eyes fell out of their socket. HAHA but she’s fine with it. I love it a lot. So here’s my process……
My hair is naturally dry and rough. After dying it so much, the past year especially. I’ve been telling my stylist, Chester, that I’d want to go blonde but he always advised me not to. He told me that my hair probably wouldn’t be able to handle all the bleaching. So I listened. But every single time I see photos of celebrities or people with light coloured hair on Instagram, I would tag him. HAHA.
And… he finally said I could do it. I got super excited. I didn’t go full blonde but maybe a very light ash brown. It looks a little blonde sometimes.



After dyeing, time to condition!
Shu Uemura this time round! I love their products. Hell expensive (I’m using one of their cream for my hair on a daily basis and it’s amazing!!!)


TA – DA!!!!!








The important part of this post is… the reason why Chester was able to lighten my hair color by a lot.
All thanks to…OLAPLEX.
It is a new technology. I think it is really pretty advanced. It is commonly used in Europe and the western countries but not so much here in Asia. So, what Olaplex does is to strengthen the bonds in your hair. By doing so, it allows your hair to strengthen therefore not damage it during or after services, for example…perming or dyeing of your hair.
It is not just a temporary coating for your hair, like a conditioner. It strengthens the bond of your hair in each and every strand instead. Chester added this chemical along with my hair color therefore, it allows a leeway for my hair to be pushed ever further. I was able to bleach my hair even more without damaging it.
I think it’s pretty AWESOME!?!?!?!? I’m very very happy with my hair! Even more after I washed it because it got brighter. HAHA.

I’ve been blonde for about a week now and I returned earlier today to get my hair washed and blown. I love how meticulous Chester is. It’s been about a year and he’s really very good. Salon De Choix’s customer service is tip top. It was really nice when they all wished me Happy Birthday when I left. Lovely staffs ❤


All of you reading this can get 15% off services when you quote my name “Hashy Yusof” while booking your appointment at Salon De Choix!! x









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