Ashhy’s Birthday Staycation
Earlier last month, a bunch of my girlfriends planned a birthday surprise for our floral princess, Ashhy. It was quite a long time since we last hung out together like that and it was amazing. We managed to get a suite instead of a normal room at Goodwood Park Hotel because they didn’t have any rooms ready when we arrived! We had a hell load of stuff with us though. From decorations, to a TABLE, cakes, food, cupcakes, smores, picnic basket and more! But the surprise went great and it was a great catch up session. My precious Golden Girls.
On our way!
Sweet treats!
Baked by Shereena! @battercakess (on instagram!)
Our happy Birthday girl!
Happy Us!
The beautiful birthday girl. Happy Birthday Ashhykins! ❤
@wantsomepies / @battercakess (on instagram)
Two of our Golden Girls are bakers and they are selling their bakes! @battercakes is owned by Shereena (as you can see in one of the photos above, she baked Ashhy’s birthday cake!) and her sister while @wantsomepies is owned by Sofia who is also the Guest Baker on @battercakess.
If you’re looking for birthday cakes or any cakes for events, do check out @battercakess. They have such beautiful cakes without compromising the taste!
Here are some photos! Follow @battercakess on instagram for more photos!



If you are looking for something a little more personal and not as formal as a cake, you can always check out @wantsomepies! I think pies are as lovely as cakes. Pies are sold at reasonable prices so, you should really consider because Sofia will only be taking orders til 31st December! Available in four flavours. I love the chocolate ganache salted caramel!
Some photos of pies!




Do check both @battercakess and @wantsomepies for more photos and enquiries! ❤

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