Here’s to my very first post! 

Hello everybody, this is Hashy. I’ve decided to own a blog because I thought it’d be a good platform for me to share my music, experiences (eg, music/concerts or basically anything at all), thoughts, news, gig updates and even random musings! 


Cafe Fest Singapore is a pop up style event where you can find 12 different cafes, music and festivity in just one location. If you enjoy coffee, tea, cakes, desserts, music, people and taking photos of them all, you wouldn’t want to miss this! This cafe hopping street will be located at The Waterfront Promenade on the 6th and 7th September. You can buy passes on their website here. This event however is open to public but with a pass, you’d be entitled to discounts, free Uber rides and a lot more for both days. 
Marc and I are both excited to be there! We will be performing on 6th September. The festival program includes amazing local acts like 53A, The Sessionist, Zacquine Miken and Daniel Oliver Choo. Do visit the website for the list of participating cafes, purchasing of passes and also if you have any queries. I hope to see you guys there!
Cafe Fest Singapore: Website Facebook  –  Instagram
Date: 6th/7th September 2014
Venue: The Waterfront Promenade

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